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A USA made durable and long lasting product. Our exceptional T handle promotes speed of use (reducing your clean up time
by up to 50%!), ease of use, walk behind and push with both hands so you no longer have to bend over, creating less stress on
your back and body. This shovel is ideal for alternating between scooping and pushing.

snogo feature Product Features
feautre 2 Product Features

The shovel sides and back are extended to create a “No Flex Feature.” This strong design sets a new industry standard.

The depth of the scoop holds more snow for less overflow.

shovel pole Product Features

The pole is made of 1.25″ diameter reinforced fiberglass.

feautre 3 Product Features

The scoop features an integrated Pole Pocket for added strength which makes for a solid design that won’t crack or break over time.

feautre 4 Product Features

With 2 different ergonomically designed handle options, we have something to fit your snow removal preference.

feautre 5 Product Features

In addition to the self-sharpening edge, our thicker wear strip design offers added strength and extended wear life.

Sno Go uses a specially formulated blend of polyethylene for cold temperatures and high wear - it's the optimal material for snow shovels.