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A Better Snow Shovel Depends on Quality

I started this company through the passion of product development and the challenge of making products better —including a better snow shovel!

Helping with my father’s commercial snow removal business and wearing out an old trusty plastic snow shovel, I was unable to find the same shovel (as a new replacement) or a comparable shovel that met my needs.

These days it seems the product offerings in major stores are cheaply made and lack quality. After researching this topic, I found that several consumers had the same need for a better snow shovel.

Then it all started.

First, the name: Sno go.

I wanted a catchy name that really matched the product —after all, the goal is to make snow go.

After countless hours of research and development, I started putting together a design for a better snow shovel that made the most sense. My goal was simple, create great products that are tough and dependable at reasonable prices.

My commitment to my customers is to provide only the very best snow removal products with unmatched quality.

Thank you for thinking of Sno go Shovels and believing in our brand, our quality and our commitment to you, our customer!

Brandon Bunker, Sno go Shovels